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Oct. 19, 2016

My First Article

Oct. 15, 2016

Business Power Sessions by BLCBANK

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  • Multipotentialite?.Huh?!

  • At First Sight I am ..officially online!
    I don't know how you got here but welcome anyways..I like to keep to myself most of the time..but it's ok..I am embracing lately a friendlier attitude towards you might notice from the links shared, I prefer animal company..
    Anyway..roam around freely and although I would not be so delighted if you disagree with my writings, still don't hesitate to comment so..
    To brief you about myself, I am 36, Lebanese, married, no kids, business major, economics minor, I am told I am creative, witty and fun! Sarcasm is my own type of heroine..

    This blog represents who I am in all aspects of life.
    I chose the name mashrou3 blog, in the purpose of staying true as this is still at early stages; for all of you who do not know Arabic, mashrou3 means project in the making.
    That's it!
    Souad - 15-08-2016 1:04 pm

  • My Passion (beyond any doubt)

    ARIL - is a page initiated by myself and a VET friend.

    It is aimed at raising awareness about animal rights and shedding light on daily rescues, cross sharing adoption/lost pleas and sharing a daily dose of fun animals videos.

    Our Aim is to build up audience and support to be able to launch it officially as an NGO allowing us to do a more impactful change and take on large scale rescues.

    Like and Share :)

  • Career Wise, future projects, and so on...

    Will be uploading a series of small tales of I have encountered in my Job Seeking Journey.. your input and comments are welcome!

A proud multipotentialite. Learning to embrace myself, be myself fearlessly, acknowledging my worth.

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